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Here we present our research paper on the topic and list other useful web resources.

OVERKILL: Using pesticides to control West Nile Virus
mosquitoes may do more harm than good

Prepared by the
Maine Environmental Policy Institute
May 2001

(Note: The Maine edition has not been updated since its publication.
An updated California edition was released on 8/21/03, see link below.
See sources below for current information and news.)

Findings and recommendations

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Table of contents

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References, Bibliography, Notes

Click here for the Massachusetts edition of the OVERKILL report

Click here for the Connecticut edition of the OVERKILL report

Click here for the updated (8/21/03) California edition of the OVERKILL report (pdf file)

Japanese translation of the California edition of the OVERKILL report

For more information

  • The West Nile Virus web site maintained by Cornell University, Center for the Environment, Environmental Risk Analysis Program (ERAP) is a wealth of information on the topic
  • ERAP's West Nile Virus Weblinks

    For national news on West Nile virus:

  • Check today's headlines using Google News search of 4,500 news sources for "west nile virus"
  • Check the SPRAYNO discussion list
  • Check the Yahoo WNv list.

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