Printing this report

To print out the OVERKILL report, follow these instructions. Go to your web browser and choose the 'printer/page setup' area. Deselect: Document title; Document location; Page total; Date printed. The only thing you want your browser to add to the printed page are page numbers.

First you will print the cover, table of contents, reference section, and appendix pages for the report. The last 3 are .pdf files that require you to have Adobe Acrobat on your computer:

After you print these files, click on the main report and print it out. You will need approximately 40 pages of paper total. Place the cover and table of contents on top, and the maps, drawings, and references at the end and fasten together.

Use recycled paper! The printed version of this report uses Envirographic 100 paper by Badger. It is made from 100% post consumer waste and bleached without the use of chlorine. It is available from Recycled Office Products (Contact: for ordering information).

To receive printed copies of this report, send $10 per report, or $7 each if ordering more than ten copies to: MEPI, 126 2nd Street, POB 347, Hallowell, ME 04347. Price includes shipping.

If you have problems or questions about printing out the report, email

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