Archived Reports

Archived Reports

Sierra Club Report Profiles Special Places Nationwide: Maine?s 100-Mile Wilderness (Sierra Club, 6/30/05)

Report Finds Half of All North American Bird Species Depend on Canada's Boreal Forest (Boreal Songbird Initiative, 5/10/05)

Study Reveals Thousands of Field Tests of Genetically Engineered Crops Across U.S. (MOFGA, Environment Maine, 4/28/05)

Groundbreaking new report on occupational exposure to lead in Maine (Environmental Health Strategy Center , 4/4/05)

Study of Toxic Chemicals from Common Products Found in Maine Homes (Environmental Health Strategy Center , 3/22/05)

Maine Ranks First in Nation in PVC Waste Incineration - more than 5,000 tons of dioxin-forming PVC burned annually (Environmental Health Strategy Center, 12/7/04)

Maine League of Conservation Voters publishes annual Environmental Scorecard (MLCV, 9/8/04)

Mercury and Developmental Disabilities in Maine's Children ( State Environmental Leadership Program, Natural Resources Council of Maine, Learning Disabilities Association of Maine, 9/2/04)

Special report on the Androscoggin river (Portland Press Herald, 7/4/04)

Report Lays Out Blueprint for Maine Global Warming Action Plan (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 6/29/04)

Global Warming in Maine: Warning Signs, Winning Solutions (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 6/14/04)

Wild Atlantic Salmon in Crisis (Atlantic Salmon Federation, 6/4/04)

From Sea to Toxic Sea: A three-part series from Fisherman's Voice, by Niaz Dory. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (Fisherman's Voice, January, 2004)

Maine Environmental Policy Institute Releases Report on Forest Practices in Salmon Watersheds (MEPI, 3/31/04)

Maine Environmental Policy Institute Releases Report And Voter Guide on Bear Hunting Referendum (MEPI, 3/3/04)

2003 Kennebec River Caged Mussel Study Final Report (Friends of Merrymeeting Bay, 1/30/04)

Report - Off The Hook: Why Maine Needs Tough Penalties To Protect Its Waters (Environment Maine, 1/30/04)

Final Draft Report: Governor's Task Force on the Planning and Development of Marine Aquaculture (Penobscot Bay Watch, 1/28/04)

Atlantic Salmon in Maine (Committee on Atlantic Salmon in Maine, National Research Council, 1/21/04)

Long-term Impacts of Timber Harvesting on Stand Structure in Northern Hardwood and Spruce-Fir Forests (Maine Audubon, 12/19/03)

Caught in the Middle: The 2003 Report Card On Mercury Elimination In New England (New England Zero Mercury Campaign, 9/8/03)

Global Warming and New England: Progress, Opportunities and Challenges (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 9/4/03)

2003 MLCV Legislative Scorecard (Maine League of Conservation Voters, 9/4/03)

Generating Solutions: How Clean, Renewable Energy is Boosting Local Economies and Saving Consumers Money (United States Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG), 4/16/03)

Where Are We Headed?: An Analysis of Forest Statistics for Maine, 2001 (Mitch Lansky, 2/3/03)

Resources for a Just, Democratic, and Sustainable Maine Economy, Jan-March 2003 (ROSC)

Maine Woodsman, December 2002 (Maine Woodsman, 11/27/02)

Grade Inflation?: SCS certification of Irving?s Allagash Timberlands (Sierra Club, by Mitch Lansky, 11/22/02)

Farms, Food and the Future: Weighing the Facts on Biotechnology in Agriculture (Board of Pesticides Control, 11/22/02)

Blueprint for Maine's Energy Policy Report Released (Natural Resources Council of Maine, et al, 10/10/02)

Resources for a Just, Democratic, and Sustainable Maine Economy (INVERT, October-December 2002)

Kennebec River Caged Mussel Pilot Study Final Report (Friends of Merrymeeting Bay)

Review of Sewage Sludge Rule Identifies Ten Major Deficiencies (National Whistleblower Center )

Failing Grades: How The Senate Energy Bill Fails To Secure A New Energy Future (U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG))

Maine Measures of Growth 2002 report has information on toxic chemical use, water quality, forestry, fishing, etc. in Maine (Maine Economic Growth Council)

Comments on Maine Forest Service's creation of statewide standards for managing riparian zones (Mitch Lanksy, 1/18/02)

Resources for a Just, Democratic, and Sustainable Maine Economy (INVERT, July-September 2002)

Resources for a Just, Democratic, and Sustainable Maine Economy (INVERT, April-June 2002)

Bill to regulate arsenic and lead in fertilzer sold in Maine (Maine Environmental Policy Institute, 1/17/02)

Resources for a Just, Democratic, and Sustainable Maine Economy (Resources for Organizing and Social Change, INVERT, 1/2/02)

Marine Protected Areas: A discussion with stakeholders in the Gulf of Maine Summer & Fall 2001 (New England Aquarium, 11/22/01)

Factual and Legal Bases for Regulation of Salmon Aquaculture Facilities Under Clean Water Act NPDES permits (USPIRG, 10/24/01)

Report: Toxic Sludge In Our Communities: Threatening Public Health And Our Farmlands (.pdf document) (Toxics Action Center, 11/16/01)

Keynote Speech by Dr. Vandana Shiva at MOFGA's Common Ground Country Fair September 23, 2001 (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association)

Report: House Energy Legislation Forces Taxpayers to Pay for Pollution (U.S. Public Interest Research Group (U.S. PIRG) Education Fund, 11/13/01)

Comparative Analysis of the Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certification Programs (pdf format) (Meridian Institute, The Home Depot)

The Economic Impact of the Proposed Maine Woods National Park & Preserve, available in pdf format (RESTORE: The North Woods)

Easements and Conservation Policy in the North Maine Woods, by David Lewis (Maine Policy Review)

An analysis of the West Branch Easement language (Mitch Lansky, 8/10/01)

Comments on Draft Conservation Easement for West Branch Project (State of Maine Office of Attorney General, 8/3/01)

A Comparison of the American Forest & Paper Associationís Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Forest Stewardship Councilís Certification System (Natural Resources Council of Maine, 7/6/01)

Genetically Engineered Crops Across the U.S. pose a contamination threat for farmers and the environment (U.S. Public Interest Research Group, 6/14/01)

Conservation Easements in the Northern Forest, Principles and Recommendations for the Development of Large-Scale Conservation Easements (Northern Forest Alliance (NFA) , 6/8/01)

Field of Dreams or Field of Pesticides: Toxic Pesticide Use On Brunswick Parks and Athletic Fields (Toxics Action Center and Brunswick Pesticide Watch, 6/1/01)

An Ecological Reserve System for Maine: Are we really making progress? (by Mitch Lanksy, 5/21/01)

New Forest Service Data Shows Overwhelming Support in Maine for Protecting Our Last Wild Forests (Sierra Club, 4/6/01)

Parents and public health organizations call for toxic-free schools and release report, Poisoned Schools: Invisible Threats, Visible Actions (Maine Toxics Action Coalition, et al, 3/21/01)

Conservation lands have had little effect on growth rates for local population and jobs, according to a new study (Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station)

The Wild Sea: Saving Our Marine Heritage (Conservation Law Foundation)

Institute for Southern Studies Study ranks Maine 15th in factors of economic and environmental health. Check report's data for Maine.

Clean the Rain, Clean the Lakes, reveals dangerous mercury levels in rain falling over New England. (National Wildlife Federation)

Losing Paradise: Threats to Maine's Allagash Wilderness Waterway, (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, PEER)

Green Practices or Promises? Certification of the Allagash Timberlands of J.D. Irving, by Mitch Lansky

MEPI Special Report: Question 2, the Forestry Referendum

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