Low Impact Forestry: Forestry as if the Future Mattered

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Web sites

Low-Impact Forestry: www.lowimpactforestry.org --Stay in touch with the latest developments, and download sample contracts, damage assessment worksheets, and logging cost calculators.  You can also network with others at this site and link to all other sites mentioned in this section and more.

Community Forest Resource Center:  www.forestrycenter.org --The Community Forest Resource Center was established by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy to promote responsible forest management through collaboration, support, and assitance to sustainable forestry cooperatives and associations of private forest owners.  The web site has extensive links and contacts.

Diseases of trees of North America: http://forestry.about.com/cs/diseases --This site has, among other things, a work by Alex Shigo, the expert on tree damage. Has an extensive section (with pictures) on soil life.

Ecoforestry Institute Society:  www.ecoforestry.ca --The Ecoforestry Institute Society publishes the journal Ecoforestry and is dedicated to promoting ecologically, socially, and economically responsible forest use that maintains and restores the complexity and diversity of the forests.  They are involved in certification.  Their reading room has some critical articles about certification.

Forest Conservation Portal:  www.forests.org --Has world-wide information on tropical and old growth forest issues, forest certification, and other forestry issues.  Has extensive links as well as chat rooms on forestry topics.

Forest Stewards Guild:  www.foreststewardsguild.org --The guild is a forum and support system for foresters and other resource management professionals working to ensure ecologically responsible management.

Forest Stewardship Council:  www.fscus.org -- FSC sets the standards that certifiers must use.

Low-Impact Forestry, New Brunswick: www.lowimpactforestry.com --A site put together by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners.  One useful feature of this site is its extensive profiles of woodlot owners in New Brunswick who are trying to lower-impacts in their management.  Lots of photos.

National Communicty Forest Center Northern Forest Region: www.ncfcnfr.net The NCFC site has, among other items, the location of demonstration forests in the region, literature on community forestry, and how to establish landowner cooperatives.

National Nework of Forest Practitioners:  www.nnfp.org The NNFP is a grass roots alliance of rural people, organizations, and businesses finding ways to interate economic development, environmental practices, and social justice.

Scientific Certification Systems:  www.scs1.com-- SCS is the biggest FSC certifier in Maine at present.

Silva Forest Foundation:  www.silvafor.org SFF is a non-profit organization based in British Columbia.  SFF develops and teaches the priciples of ecosystem-based planning and ecologically-responsible forest use.  The site is very strong on landscape planning.  SFF is involved in certification.

SmartWood:  www.smartwood.org SmartWood has the most extensive FSC certification program in the world.

Sustainable Woods Cooperative:  www.sustainablewoods.com SWC is a forest management and value-added wood processing and marketing cooperative certified by SmartWood.  It is the first business of its kind in the nation, combining certified sustainable forest management by its members and certified chain of custodysales of wood products from members’ forests.

Small Woodland Owners of Maine: www.swoam.com-- SWOAM’s website has extensive links and information on subjects that include managment, equipment, landtrusts, easements, taxes, and Maine forest-related legislation.

Timbergreen Forestry:  www.timbergreenforestry.com Jim Birkemeir of Timbergreen is an enthusiastic promoter of sound forestry and good marketing of forest products.  He is one
of the driving forces behind the Sustainable Woods Cooperative in Wisconsin.

Vermont Family Forests: http://www.familyforests.org/. Vermont Family Forests is a non-profit family forest conservation organization that promotes the conservation of forest community health, and when appropriate, promotes careful cultivation of local family forests for community benefits.


Atlantic Forestry Review:  Dvl Publishing, Inc., Box 1509 Liverpoole, N.S. BOT 1KO, ph: 902-354-5411, web: www.countrymagazines.com.  AFR covers eastern Canada and northern New England.  Good articles (emphasis on woodlot management and woods coops) and useful advertisements.

Independent Sawmill and Woodlot Management: P.O. Box 1149, Bangor ME 04402-1149, ph: 207-945-9469, web: www.sawmilling.com/.  Good coverage of the value-added side of woodlot management as well as reviews of equipment and techniques of both management and milling.

The Northern Logger and Timber Processor: P.O. Box 69, Old Forge, NY 13420, Ph: 315-369-3078, e-mail: nela@telenet.net.  Emphasis is on timber contractors with larger equipment, but covers smaller contractors and low-impact logging as well.

Northern Woodlands Magazine: P.O. Box 471, Corinth, VT 05039-0471, ph: 802-439-6292, web: www.lnorthernwoodlands.com.  Has articles of interest on forestry issues and wildlife in northern forest area of New York and New England.

Other Links and Resources

Maine Environmental Policy Institute: Links and Resources page of conservation organizations and agencies working in Maine.

Northern Appalachian Restoration Project: - publishers of The Northern Forest Forum

A Forest Landowner's Guide to Internet Resources: States of the Northeast