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Maine Environmental Policy Institute

MEEPI1The site that started it all! This classic html-based website evolved into an essential resource for Maine’s community of environmental professionals and activists. The news portion spun off as today’s Maine Environmental News site.

“The Maine Environmental Policy Institute’s web site, with its thorough coverage of breaking environmental stories and its excellent archive, has been an extremely useful resource to me and to my Bowdoin College students. Students in my environmental economics and policy course have been able to access up-to-the-minute news on several course topics, ranging from the forestry referendum to sustainable forestry certification, implementation of the Maine Toxics Use Reduction Act, the Wyman Power Station’s compliance with NOx reduction standards, and the Holtrachem plant shutdown.

I check the site nearly every day and have found dozens of relevant articles from newspapers that I do not read regularly. These have kept me up to date on an array of issues that relate both to my research on nature tourism and to my work as a Natural Resources Council of Maine board member and an Eco-Eco Civic Forum steering committee member.

Without meepi.org, I would be far less informed about environmental issues and I would have to expend far more time keeping myself minimally informed.”

– David Vail, Adams-Catling Professor