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Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine

alliance1The Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine is a diverse coalition of nine Maine-based organizations that have embarked upon a multi-year public health campaign to phase out the long-lived toxic chemicals that build up in the food web and humans.

This sharply designed website features rotating photos, newsfeeds, and a customized contact form, allowing visitors to check the group they wish to connect with. An email is sent to the person from that organization and the information is also stored in the website’s database.

“Planet Maine provided excellent support and guidance throughout our website development project. The staff at Planet Maine have extensive experience working with and understanding non-profit organizations. This was a big help to our process as we had many evolving ideas and changes of deadlines, and we needed to ensure that members of our diverse coalition were happy with the final product. Formatting and posting some of the content, like our featured report entitled Body of Evidence, was quite complicated and involved. Planet Maine presented all of the content in an attractive, legible and professional manner, projecting an image perfectly aligned with our campaign themes. The functionality and layout of the site is just right for our coalition of partners. Our constituents and the media also find it very easy to navigate and use, and we really like being able to change content whenever we want to. This project came together on budget and in time for the release of our big report. Planet Maine continues to monitor our website and provide detailed statistical analysis of visitorship. I really enjoy collaborating with the folks at Planet Maine.”

– Amanda Sears, Environmental Health Strategy Center